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Looking to get into the best shape of your life without sacrificing your body?

Many folks today want the benefits from an organized fitness program but, for one reason or another, don't make the commitment. Sound familiar?

Whether you are intimidated by attending large classes, are dealing with an old injury (or want to prevent getting one), or don't even know where to begin, there are multiple benefits to working one-on-one with a trainer.   

We created a program with a controlled class size so that you get more personal time to assure you receive the benefits you are looking for. 

In each 45-minute class you will: 
- Use the TRX Suspension system ( the same one designed by the US Navy Seal Team)
- Learn a safe and practical way to use Kettlebells
- Integrate strategies to reset your body to optimize mobility 
- Leverage ropes, medicine balls, and other fun equipment to assure optimal calorie burn

Our goal with this class is to keep you safe, improve your athleticism, and HAVE FUN!  We make the investment in you well worth it! 

Location - Days - Times:
Ironman Fintess

TUESDAY 11:00-11:45 - WEDNESDAY 11:30-12:15 - THURSDAY 11:00-11:45

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