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What's with the thick grip? You're about to benefit from and experience much more thick grip training with Luke as he integrates the Art of Strength's vintage approach. Don't fret, it's not as frightening as it looks.  
No one can explain it better than Physical Culturist, Anthony Diluglio.

Vintage weights are not just about the tool.  They represent a philosophy and an understanding of how muscle groups work together.  Rather than isolating individual muscles, the Vintage tools are used to engage whole muscle systems that stretch from your hands to your feet.  It is about full-body muscle engagement.  In other words “working your muscles in concert”.  This is why the  our Vintage tools along with Vintage Progressions are the bedrock of authentic strength by Art of Strength.
 The Vintage Dumbbell was designed with the understanding of authentic strength and the knowledge of how to increase grip can increase strength.  The thick grip is critical for engaging your entire core and increasing muscle density.  This is done by triggering receptors in your hand as well as your feet.  Shot or sand loaded, you can progressively add small amounts of weight as needed.  Vintage Dumbbells increase hand and wrist strength, reduce the incidence of tendonitis and inflammation.
 Barbells and dumbbells that were used prior to 1930 had thicker grips.  Why was that? 
 The thicker grip creates a necessity for your muscles to work in concert by relaxing the  extensors in the forearm and engaging the flexors of the little finger, first finger and thumb allowing the load to be distributed to the posterior chain.  
 In 1485 Leonardo Divinci started inventing his human powered flying machine. His concern was not if the machine could be made, but whether or not there was a man with strong enough hand and back to fly it.
Over one hundred years ago, it was noted that a man could not achieve his potential strength without strong hands and a strong back.
This made all the sense in the world to me.  Think about it, what is a humans first point of contact in most tasks? The hands and feet, we use them for everything. When we pick something up from the ground, we first grab it with our hands and stabilize with our feet by rooting ourselves to the ground. 
 The way our hands and feet bridge the gap between each other by connecting to the core is where the magic happens.  This is how our muscles work in concert and our true strength potential is achieved.
 Since shot loaded thick grip bells  didn't exist in modern fitness, I decided to manufacture them.  Our Vintage dumbbell has been a key component in achieving extraordinary results for thousand of people.  We have applied the  "Hand Core Connection" principals to our new Art of Suspension XT and Ropes Gone Wild.   
 I've training myself and my clients using "vintage tools and engaging in the methods and philosophy that were part of a lost culture for nearly fifteen years.  Not only were we all getting stronger with this style of training, the most amazing thing was the disappearance of overuse injuries.  We had achieved Authentic Strength. The kind that sticks.
​-Anthony Diluglio
Physical Culturist